Fumigation Certificate

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Fumigation certificate

Fumigation certificate is required as proof that the goods and packing materials (e.g. wooden crates, wood, wool etc), have been fumigated or sterilized. Certificates contain details such as purpose of treatment, articles concerned, temperature range used, chemicals and concentration used etc. 

For example, in our case, our products are handicrafts (bamboo, rattan and sea grass baskets). We'll ask one Fumigation Company to apply the treatment to our products and carton boxes to ensure that they used are free of insect or fungus infestation. 

Please note that in some countries like Australia, fumigation treatment is not required for air shipment, but required for sea shipment. So, please check with your clients, customs broker or the local customs service.



Vu Duc Hoan

Fumigation certificate sample 01

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