Firm Offer for Drilling Rigs

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(Firm Offer for Drilling Rigs)

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your enquiry of 8th Sept. for our drilling rigs MdB 32. We are pleased to make you a firm offer, subject to acceptance within 21 days for 10 machines at the price of USD 12 per unit CIF Saigon including packing.

Payment is to be made against a Bill of Lading, an invoice, and a Work's Test Cerfiticate, by an Irrevocable Letter of Credit to be opened in our favour with the Commercial Bank, London, for the full value of the goods intended for the shipment.

The machines can be despatched within 6 months from receipt of your formal order. We enclose a list of firms whom we have been supplying with our machines for the past few years for your reference.

Yours faithfully,