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(Enquiry for samples)

Thư hỏi hàng (Enquiry)

Dear Sirs,

We have received a number of inquiries for floor coverings suitable to use on the rough floor that seems to be a feature of many of the new building here.

I would be helpful if you could send us samples showing your ranges of suitable covering and, if one is available, a pattern card of the designs in which they are supplied.

Selling prospects for hard wearing floor coverings are good and we look forward to receiving your samples and pattern cards.

Yours faithfully,

Thư trả lời (Reply)

Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your letter of 18th Dec. for samples and a pattern card of floor coverings. We have today sent by air a range of samples, specially selected for their card wearing quality but regret we do not have the pattern card you require. For the purpose mentioned we recommend quality No 5 which is speacially made to stand up to the wear and tear of rough and uneven surfaces. We invite you to test the samples and are confident that they will meet your requiremnets.

Meanwhile we enclose a copy of our price list and terms and conditions of trade, and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,