Covering letter and pre-printed Offer

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(Covering letter and pre-printed Offer)

Thư gửi kèm (Covering Letter)


Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your enquiry of 24th Feb. and enclose our offer for Blinds No TH50D and H50DA.

We have made a good selection of patterns and sent them to you today by post: their fine quality, attractive designs and reasonable prices at which we offer them, we hope, convince you that these blinds are really of good value. There is a heavy demand for them from our customer abroad, which we are finding difficult to meet, but provided we receive your order within the next ten days, we make you a firm order for delivery by the middle of May at the price quoted.

On orders for one thousand pieces or more we allow a special discount of 5%.

We are looking forward to your early order.

Yours faithfully,

Mẫu chào hàng in sẵn (Pre-printed offer)

The Vietnam Bamboo and Ratten Wares Import & Export Company

E6 Thai Thinh Street, Hanoi- Vietnam

Cable address: VN EXPORT

Phone & Fax: 84 83....

Our ref: 28th Feb., 2000

Your ref:

Messrs: John & Co. Ltd.

17 Leadenhall Street

London, WC1

Offer No 123/MT

Item No
Commodity Quatity Unit price Delivery
1 Blinds No TH500 1,000

GBP 7 per pc

August 2000
2 Blinds No TH50DA

GBP 7.50 per pc

CIF London including packing

August 2000

( both in one lot)

Specification: as per samples sent to your representative Mr. David Smith during his visit to VN export.

Payment: By irrevocable Letter of Credit

Packing: in Export packing

Validity: until 15 March, 2000.

For VN Export


Vu duc Hoan