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Flat A.3/F, Causeway Tower,

16 -22 Causeway Road

Causeway Bay HONGKONG

Tel: 8479900, 8976422: Fax: 4839200

Telex: 57889 WSGTC HK ( hereinafter called the Buyer)


40 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi VIETNAM

Tel: 328999, Telex: 328492 - VNF VT

Cable address : VINAFOOD HANOI ( hereinafter called the Seller)

It has been mutually agreed to the sale and purchase of rice on the terms and conditions as follows:

1. Commodity: Vietnamese White Rice

2. Specification:

- Brokens: 35% max

- Moisture: 14,5%

- Foreign matter: 0,4%

- Crop: 1998-1999

3. Quantity: 100 000 MT more or less 5% at Seller's option

4. Price: 2 USD per metrric ton net for June - Sepember 1999 shipments,

a- Dunnage, bamboomat for Shipowner's/Buyer's account

b- Shore tally to be at Seller' account

c- Vessel's tally to be at Buyer's/ Shipowner's account

d- All export duties, taxes, levied in the country of origin to be at Seller's account

e- All import duties, taxes, levied in the country of destination and outside Vietnam shall be for Buyer's account.

5. Time of shipment: 20 - 25 days after L/C opening date

6. Packing: Rice to be packed in single jute new bags of 50 kgs net each, about 50,6 kgs gross each, hand-sewn at mouth with jute twine thread suitable for rough handling and sea transportation. The Seller will supply 0.2% of new jute bags free of charge out of quantity of bags shipped

7. Insurance: To be arranged by the Buyer

8. Inspection and fumigation

a- The certificate of quality, weight and packing issued by Vinacontrol at loading port to be final and for Seller's account

b- Fumigation to be effected on board the vessel after completion of loading with expenses to be at Seller's account. But

expenses for crew on shore during the fumigation period including transportation, accommodation and meals at hotel for Ship owner's account

c- Time for fumigation not to count as laytime

9. Loading terms:

a- Buyer shall advise vessel's ETA and its particulars 15 days and Captain shall inform vessel's ETA, quantity to be loaded and other necessary imformation 72/48/24 hours before the vessel's arrival at loading port

b- Laytime to commence at if N.O.R given before noon and at 8. AM next working day if NOR given in the afternoon during office hours. In case, vessel waiting for berth due to congestion, time commence to count 72 hours after N.O.R submitted

c- Loading rate: 800 MT per weather working day of 24 consecutive hours Sundays, holidays excepted even if used, based on the use of at least four to five normal working hatches/holds and all cranes /derricks and winches available in good order, if less than prorata

d- Seller shall arrange one safe berth of one safe port for the vessel of 10,000 - 20,000 MT capacity to load the cargo

e- Time between 17.00 PM on Saturday and the day preceeding a holiday until 8.AM next working day not to count as laytime even if used

f- Before submitting N.O.R., the vessel must be in free pratique. Immediately after vessel at berth, captain shall request Vinacontrol to inspect the hatches/holds and issue a cetificate certifying the hatches/ holds are clean, dry, free from harmful factions and suitable for goods loading with such expensses to be at ship owner's account and time not to count as laytime

g- Demurrage/Despatch of any, to be as per C/P rate

But maximum 4,000/ 2,000 USD per day or prorata and to be settled directedly between Seller and Buyer within 90 days after B/L date

h- For the purpose of obtaining shipping Documents such as:

- Commercial Invoices

- Cetificate of quality, weight and packing

- Certificate of origin

The responsible party shall Cable/ Telex/ Fax advising shipment particulars within 24 hours after completion of loading

In order for the Buyer to obtain insurance, a Bill of Lading shall be issued immediately after completion of loading and before fumigatiooon and provided immediately to the Buyer

i- In case, cargo is ready for shipment as scheduled in this contract, but the Buyer fails to nominate the vesel to load, then all risks, damages, and associated expenses for cargo to be borne by the Buyer based on the Seller's actual claim. In the event no cargo is available to be loaded on the nominated vessel at the loading port, then dead freight to be paid by Seller based on Buyer's actual claim and the Buyer will submit the following documents to Vietcombank for receiving P.B:
( time counted : 20 -25 days from L/C opening date):

- N.O.R. with seller's signature

- Report signed by the Captain and the Seller confirming that the vessel has already arrived at the port to receive the

cargo but the Seller has no cargo to load

- Vietcombank's confirmation

10. Payment:

a- After signing the contract, the Buyer or the Buyer's nominee ( SHYE LIAN( HK) MANUFACTURING CO.LTD OR OTHER NOMINEE) will telex asking the Seller to open P.B. of 1% of total L/C amoount at Vietcombank Hanoi within two days thereof the Seller open P.B. and in form the Buyer, then, four days after receiving Vietcombank 's confirmation, the Buyer will open a telegraphic, irrevocable and confirmed L/C which is in conformity with this contract by an international first class bank at sight with T.T.R. acceptable for 40,000 MT in favour of Vinafood Hanoi through the Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam

For 60,000 MT the Buyer or Buyer's nominee will open a telegraphic, irrevocable and transferable at sight L/C which is in conformity with this contract with T.T.R. accepable. In case, the Seller requests the confirmation of L/C, the L/C will be confirmed for Seller's account

In the event that the Buyer fails to open L/C four days after receiving confirmation from Vietcombank then the Seller shall collect P.B. from the Vietcombank and then the contract is automatically cancelled

The Seller will collect the P.B. against presentation of shipping documents at Vietcombank

b- Presentation of the following documents to the Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, payable within 3-5 banking days after reciept of the telex from Vietcombank cetifying that documents have been checked in conformity with the L/C terms:

- Full set of Clean on board B/L in three ( 3) originals marked Freight to collect

- Commercial invoice in three (3) folds

- Certificates of quality, weight and packing issued by Vinaconntrol to be final at loading port in six ( 6) folds

- Certificate of Origin issued by VIetnam Chamber of Commerce in six (6) folds

- Phytosanitary certificate issued by the Competent authority of Vietnam in six (6) folds

- Cable/ Telex/ Fax advising shipment Particulars within 24 hours after completion of loading

11. Force Majeure:

The Force Majeure( exemptions) clause of the international Chamber of Commerce (ICC publication No. 421) is hereby incorporated on this contract

12. Arbitration:

Any discrepancies and/or disputes arising out or in connection with this contract not settled amicably shall be referred to Arbitration accordance with the Rules and Practices of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris or such other place agreed by both sides

13. Other terms:

Any amendment of the terms and conditions of this contract must be agreed to by both sides in writting

This contract is made in 06 originals in the English language, three for each party

This is subject to the Buyer's final confirmation by telex( June 18th, 1999 latest)

Made in Hanoi, on 9th June, 1999

For the Seller



Vu Duc Hoan

For the Buyer

Managing Director






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