Certificate of Origin

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A Certificate of Origin is a document used in international trade. It traditionally states from what country the shipped goods originate, but "originate" in a CO does not mean the country the goods are shipped from, but the country where there goods are actually made. This raises a definition problem in cases where less than 100% of the raw materials and processes and added value are not all from one country. An often used practice is that if more than 50% of the sales price of the goods originate from one country, that country is acceptable as the country of origin (then the "national content" is more than 50%). In various international agreements, other percentages of national content are acceptable.

There are some kind of CO are using:

Form A introduction 

Form A sample

Form A sample( signed)

Form B introduction

Form B sample

Form B sample ( signed )

Form AK

Form D

Form ICO  

Form AJ