Who We Are

The company has its own technical background in the field of modular systems for the setting up of stands and exhibitions. This background has led the Clipper System Srl, from the beginning of its activity towards the study and design of partitions and exhibition of modular type. 
Furthermore, contact company with large sales organizations raised awareness of its responsibility towards the need to design, produce and market products that are easy to understand and manage, to suit the practical needs of large groups of users. 
Respond quickly to customer requests quickly or put them in a position to decide it 's imperative to the company. 
The aspiration is that the customers of the Clipper System Srl are always "aware and satisfied" aware of what you are about to purchase and satisfied with what they bought. 
In the organization of the production process is used special care during quality control assembly, packaging, labeling, palletizing and shipment. The reliability of the Clipper System Srl is guaranteed by quality system ISO 9001:2000. 
The certification of the quality system was released in June 1999 by Rina SpA

1985 - The origins of the CLIPPER SYSTEM Srl are to be found in 1985 when the current owners Morsilli Antonio Iglesias and Luciano Morsilli decided to found the M & M ASSOCIATES Snc company that would operate in the preparation of stands and exhibitions to meet specific requests from the service "School Sports "CONI. 
1988 - In the spring of 1988 he patented a mechanical coupling between the panels called "Clipper" (Italian patent n. 7659a/88) and was the manufacture of exhibition panels that exploited this coupling device.

1993 -. In 1993 he was entered into a supply agreement with the KAISER + KRAFT Europa GmbH (European leader in the distribution of catalog of products for the industry and the office). That same year, the core business was moved dall'allestimento stands and exhibitions furnishing office.

2001 - On the basis of experiments conducted on the network in the previous year, in the fall of 2001 he was put on line the sitewww.clippersystem.it aimed at the promotion of the system of panels "Clipper" 
2002 - In June 2002, is placed on the website of the new panel "Phonotex." This product was the first of a series of new products that have expanded the range of the Clipper System Srl