Blasting and explosive/rock interactions

"TUÑEL" - Investigación para la mejora competitiva del ciclo de perforación y voladura en minería y obras subterráneas, mediante la concepción de nuevas técnica de ingeniería, explosivos, prototipos y herramientas avanzadas.

Funded by: CDTI - Programa CIEN 2015.

"VOLADAPT" - Diseño de un nuevo proceso de voladura mediante técnicas predictivas y adaptativas, eficaz y eficiente en la utilización de recursos y materias primas y minimizando las emisiones.

Funded by: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.


Project Ref.: RTC-2014-2237-5

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"LESS FINES" - Reduced production of fines in the aggregates industry and industrial minerals.

Funded by: European Union - GROWTH.

Theoretical determination of the composition of toxic gases in tunnel blasting.

Funded by: University of Leoben (Austria).

Measurement of seismic wave tinderbox of Porreres by blasting in quarry Son Amat (Mallorca).

Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Defence.

Determination of maximum vibration velocity by blasting in the Arraiz tunnel permissible in water pipe from the Water Consortium Bilbao.

Funded by: Geoconsult.

Optimization and control of blasting for rock fragmentation in raft dissolution.

Funded by: Sulquisa.

Removal capacity of safety explosives ES9 and ES20SR.

Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Economy.

Use of explosives in coal mines by sublevels. Influence of method of initiation into the ignition of firedamp by explosives safety.

Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Economy.

Explosives behavior and characterization

"RECEX" - Explosives recycling for the development of new high energy products.

Funded by: Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.


Project Ref.: IPT - 020000-2010-022

Analysis of the properties of energetic materials.

Funded by: MAXAM.

Blasting room to contain explosions.

Funded by: Explosivos Alaveses.

Characteristics of the doble use initiation systems.

Funded by: MAXAM Europe.

Synthesis of explosives.

Funded by: Western Armament Group (Spanish Ministry of Defence).

Underground explosives storage.

Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Industry and Energy.

Determination of toxic gases of explosives.

Funded by: E.U. commission.

Blowing clean development.

Funded by: Western Armament Group (Spanish Ministry of Defence).

Exposives characterization by the Cylinder test.

Funded by: Spanish Ministry of Defence.

Safety and modeling

"PICAEX" - Protección de infraestructuras críticas frente a explosiones.

Funded by: CDTI (Spanish Goverment).

Monitoring of vibrations for collapsing produced by a cooling tower demolition.

Funded by: Voladuras y Demoliciones.

Home-made explosives pressure measurement.

Funded by: NATO (COE C-IED).

Development and validation of IED-EFPs numerical models.

Funded by: NATO (COE C-IED).

"SEGTRANS" - R & D and demonstration of new systems to enhance the security in transport terminals.

Funded by: CDTI (Spanish Goverment).

"SEDUCE" - Explosives detection systems in public places.

Funded by: CDTI - Programa CENIT (Spanish Goverment).

New techniques to detect explosives volatile.

Funded by: RAMEN S.A.

"ITSAFE" - Safe transport terminals againt high explosions.

Funded by: MINECO - Programa INNPACTO (Spanish Goverment) + E.U. European Regional Development Fund.