2015 - August

We were at the 11th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting, also known as 'FRAGBLAST' in its 11th edition (this symposium is celebrated every 3 years). This symposium was held from 24-26 August in Sydney, Australia. This is probably the most important and high-tech symposium in the blasting field within the world.

FRAGBLAST is an international scientific forum that has served the blasting community with an unparalleled combination of scientific advances and practical applications in the fields of rock blasting and explosives engineering. Since the first edition in 1983 at Lulea, has served to the presentation of well-known models, diagnostic tools and procedures and sound practices. Also, José Ángel Sanchidirán is the president of FRAGBLAST International Committee since 2012.

We have presented the following papers:

  • Ranges of Validity of Some Distribution Functions for Blast-fragmented Rock — José A. Sanchidrián
  • Effect of Vibration Sensor Mounting Method on the Quality of Vibration Measurements — Pablo Segarra, J A Sanchidrián, R Castedo, L M López & I del Castillo
  • Jones-Wilkins-Lee Parameters for Civil Explosives — Ricardo Castedo, J A Sanchidrián, L M López, P Segarra & A P Santos.
  • Performance of Different Constructive Solutions against Explosions in Full-scale Masonry Walls — Lina M. López, P Segarra, R Castedo, J A Sanchidrián, J Navarro, A P Santos & M Chiquito

FRAGBLAST 12 will be held in Lulea, Sweden (June 2018). We will be there!