Explosives testing and characterization: VOD measurement, TNT equivalent, cylinder test, JWL EOS, Thermodynamic calculations.

Mine-to-Mill: blasting operation optimization

Environmental affections of blasting:
  • Vibrations
  • Airblast measurement
Modeling of explosives: rock blasting, structural, safety and military applications.


  • Vibrations, monitoring seismic velocity, and airblast:
    • Blasting seismographs (triaxial geophones+recording unit+Linear L Type microphone).
  • Blast geometry and survey:
    • 3D Laser profile-Quarryman.
    • GPS.
    • Hole deviation probe.
  • Rock description:
    • Rebound Digital Hammer.
    • Borehole logging - Optical Televiewer.
    • Photogrammetric highwall survey system Shapemetrix (3G).
  • Shock waves, structure and rock response to blast loading:
    • Data Acquisition System (10MHz, 8 channel).
    • Signal conditioners.
    • Uniaxial Piezoelectric Accelerometers.
    • Ablative pressure transducers.
  • Explosive performance:
    • Velocity of Detonation (VOD) recorder.
  • Blast filming:
    • High Speed digital video camera.
    • Standard video camera.

Own Software Development

    • W-DETCOM (thermodynamic code)
    Commercial Software 

        • LS-DYNA: numerical simulation.
        • MATLAB: data processing and analysis.
        • JK-Simblast: 2DBench, 2DFace, 2DRing, Blast simulation and evaluation (Academic license).
        • I-Blast6: Blast simulation and evaluation (Academic license).
        • Split Desktop: Measurement of fragmentation by digital image analysis (Academic license).
        • Blastware: Vibration analysis.
        • PFV: Analysis of high speed videos.
        • AutoCAD
        • BlastManager and QuarryXPro: Blast monitoring and design.