Visit the Northern Emirates of the UAE

The expression "Northern Emirates" usually refers to the five emirates located at the North of the country (which seems pretty logical, doesn't it ?), meaning the entire country minus Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Sometimes, Sharjah is also removed form the Northern Emirates, as it has some well marked differences with the four other Emirates.

General presentation

The Northern Emirates

If the Northern Emirates are often grouped together, it is because their importance is low compared to the very rich Abu Dhabi and the very famous Dubai. 
However, most of them are worth the trip, mostly because the way of life is inevitably more authentic than that in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai, both very westernised.

From the Emirates with the biggest surface area to those with the lowest, the five Northern Emirates are:

Economy of the Northern Emirates

Without any oil or gas (only Abu Dhabi has significant oil & gas resources), these Emirates are very dependant on Abu Dhabi's wealth. If you go there, you will quickly notice that the local inhabitants are much poorer than in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.
The exception would be Sharjah, which get some funds from Saudi Arabia (thanks to their religious proximity), most of the other Northern Emirates are heavily subsidised by Abu Dhabi in terms of water, electricity and infrastructure.
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