This website is a companion to the course Exploring Poetic Form:  A Writing Workshop offered at Midcoast Senior College in Brunswick, Maine, Spring 2018.

Participants will read and write poetry in a select set of poetic forms such as haiku, sonnet, villanelle, and sestina. The class will follow a facilitated workshop format, and participants will be expected to read and write poems for discussion. The class will meet at Thornton Oaks on Tuesday mornings from 9:30 to 11:30 am for a total of 5 sessions. 

Class meeting dates (Tuesdays):  March 13, March 20, March 27 (No Class on April 3), April 10, April 17.

Mark Smith and Barbara Snapp will facilitate the course. Although they come from different backgrounds (Mark from history and Barbara from science), they both began to write poetry in 2011 while taking a senior college course with Gary Lawless. They have continued to explore poetry in multiple forms and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of crafting poems that use meter, sound, and imagery to bring an experience (or idea or feeling) alive.

   Barbara Snapp                             Mark Smith

Pages on this website

"Basic Information" contains the following files which will be updated as needed
        Topic and reading schedule

"Course Reading" contains the required reading and enrichment reading for each week.  Required reading will be posted for each week by the week before that class.   The enrichment reading will primarily include lists of example poems.  The reading will be updated as relevant new material is found.