In our history as human beings we have experienced many events that are noteworthy and certainly worth remembering, both in celebration and tragedy. The Holocaust is one of those events we must remember in order to learn from mistakes made by those from our past. Our class will be reading Night, a memoir written by Elie Wiesel describing his life as a young Jewish boy trying to survive during the Holocaust. While exploring this truly amazing and heartfelt novel, all students will be required to complete the assignments listed throughout this interactive website using the separate links on each subpage and skills developed in class. Below is a tentative timeline on when each separate page of this website needs to be completed:
Class One: Author Biography and Historical Biography
Class Two: Sections 1-3
Class Three: Sections 4-6
Class Four: Sections 7-9
Class Five: Nuremberg  Group Debates

10.4 a-f, h, i
  • Identify main and supporting ideas
  • Make predictions, draw inferences, connect to prior knowledge
  • Compare differences of techniques and literary forms from different cultures and eras
  • Universal themes: alienation, isolation, survival of the fittest, guilt
  • Cultural archetype: outsider/outcast
  • Critical perspectives: historical, biographical, cultural, reader response
  • Evaluate use of language and text structures shaping meaning and creating effects