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    Over 30 years ago I wanted to build a windmill with a blade design which I felt would be very good.  Thanks to Google Sketchup, I now at least am able to create computer diagrams of things I feel might be very good.   

    This design aims to have a less expensive tower system carry a tremendous blade system.    Many modern windmills seem to have such massive towers and with quite minimal turbines or blades, while here the tower is minimal while the blades or turbines are larger.  Obviously this windmill should be placed away from trees or anything that blocks wind movement, and obviously the best place would be on top of a hill. 



 To see the large diagrams with readable text please scroll down.  
Note, if the diagrams are too big for your screen hold the control button and turn the mouse wheel at the same time, as such might shrink them.   


Below are older diagrams with a different tower system.

Thanks for looking