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This scaffolding was designed and made about 25 years ago.  I believe it still could have significant potential.  It would need to be tested and approved for safe heights.  Some changes might need to be made to made for safety reasons.  It can easily be set up and leveled on an significant incline.  It can even be set up on porch roofs up to a 3 or 4 12 pitch and adjusted level.  The lift system also allows workers on the plank to easily move the plank upward.  This is done by simply putting one foot on the ladder and then lifting the lift handle.  The walk or work plank can actually be moved up and down faster with this than with a pump jack system.  This unit could also be made out of aluminum to provide much strength and yet be light to handle and transport.  It folds up very easily for transport. 
        Base unit with no extentions.                                                        Base unit folded up
                           Extention for base unit