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Saw Horse Bracket

        I still believe this Saw Horse Bracket still has much potential.  This was designed and made about 25 years ago, but was never put on the market.  To unfold the Saw Horse and set it up for use, you simply pick it up and allow the legs to swing down and then press the wedges down tightly or tap on them with a hammer to tighten them up real tight.  To fold it up you simply turn the saw horse on it's back and hit it hard onto the ground and often the wedges will jar loose automatically, and if not you can simply tap them with a hammer or push them down with your fingers.  After the wedges are loose you then fold the legs inward.   
The Saw Horse having a 2x6 on edge for it's back allows cutting across the horse with a power saw without hitting any steel.  Two pictures below shows it's strength.  A fork lift had just loaded a bundle of wood onto it.  Note obviously numerous variations of this item, with the same basic principle could be made, of which I have made numerous of them. 
              Different designs in the development process