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Photos Of Models Made

      Regarding the stool below,  by using 1 or 2 cups of soil after each time of defecating and then closing the solid waste gate,  this stool is as odorless indoors as a normal flush stool.  Although it is hard to believe,  that very small amount of soil, keeps the solid waste odor so minimal and easy to work with, that when the solid waste container is full, it is emptied into a larger container right in the house and the larger waste container is kept in the house till full.  This is because not much liquid waste is included and rather has entered another container.  Yes a lid needs to be kept on the solid waste container but when removed the odor is minimal.  The inside of the solid waste container never need cleaned as the soil gives it merely a musty soil or garden like odor.  Although also hard to believe, regarding the inside of the toilet bowl, it appears using only a quart or so of flush liquid  a week can keep it odor free.  People have wondered how to keep the bowl clean, yet it does not appear to get splattered with waste like common flush stools.  In regular flush stools the semi solid waste falls and hits water which tends to splatter the sides of the bowl, this does not happen here as the waste has no water to strike.  It even appears this stool is more odor free when being used that normal flush stools.  

     Many options are possible incorporating the basic features of this stool.  In many situations the liquid waste rather than entering a container as this could be drained outside into a small underground leaching area or into a larger outside container.  Another option is that instead of soil being used for sanitation and odor control, a container with Port-A-John sanitation liquid could be used, and such instead of the quad cell soil bucket.   



       Below are some photos of a more recent design.  The foot stools swing inward by simply setting your feet on them and sliding them in, after sitting on the stool.  They are spring loaded and automatically go out as shown when you lift your feet off of them.    Note, having your feet up or sitting low is much better for defecating and is very likely why stools are made so low.  This stool has both the advantages of both a low and higher stool, and should be appreciated especially by old or heavy  people who do not like to sit so low and then have to get back up.



Another model made and tested

       This model works much the same as the above model.  Yet it has a flush water container and covering soil container enclosed behind the stool.  The tip of the squeeze bulb rests in a flush liquid.  Soil is scraped into a pipe and goes through a pipe into the waste container from behind and below.  It also now has a exhaust fan on the stool itself which makes it basically odor free when being used and more odor free than a regular flush stool.