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Built In Sanitation Composting System

     This composting system has an indoor commode, with an outside soil bin, and outside access to waste container.  

     Regarding the soil bin, when it is filled with a small wheel borrow load of soil, it should last for about two weeks, for a family of six.  Regarding the waste container, it would need emptied around every two days for that size of a family.   Since most all the liquid waste is intercepted by this system, the soil and waste combination is quite dry, and because of the soil involved the mixture has surprisingly little odor.  Yet this material still needs to be composted, or disposed of,  in an approved manner to be sanitary and safe for gardens.  

     In this particular arrangement, the liquid waste goes into a small underground absorption area (leech bed).  Note, it takes only a very small leech bed to absorb solely liquid waste, and the little solution needed for flushing, as in this system.  For a family of six, the leech bed would need to only absorb around 1.5 gallons of liquid a day, and thus should only need to be a quite narrow bed, and round 7.5 feet long.  Note, regarding household water consumption and disposal in the U.S.,  with washing of all kinds, stool flushes, ect, most families of six, add approximately 300 gallons of water to their leach beds daily (50 gal per person), being 200 times as much liquid as is being dealt with here.   In this respect we have a very poor waste system in  the U.S. where we pollute all the water we use with human waste, and thus have 200 times as much polluted liquid that needs to be sanitarily disposed of.  Note LINK ONE  includes further and vital information relevant to most all systems.  


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