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Multiple hanging wing system.  

    An efficient glider wing can carry 60 lbs for every 1 pound of drag.  With wings of such efficiency, the top of this wing system should only lag behind approximately 1 foot for every 60 feet of height, while as such the cables would be almost pulling straight up, rather than back. Long narrow wings for some reason have the best lift to drag ratio. 


    This system of adding wing area, to carry added weight, requires much less structure, than incorporating long wings reaching way out on each side of the aircraft.  If wings are made excessively long they will simply break off, and if such wings are made strong enough to not break, they simply become too heavy.  Yet in this system more and more wings can simply be added with no such complications.

    This system might be practical for some things, and possibly many things.  One practical application might be atmospheric satellites that fly by solar power and always remain in flight.  Obviously more wing space can be attained in this manner, with less weight and structure, than trying to build a air craft with a real wide spread of wings. Sorry the below diagrams are not better.  


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