•     National Geography Standard:
    • Standard 12 - Understand the processes, patterns, and functions of human settlement.
    • Standard 14 - Understand how human actions modify the physical environment. 
    • Standard 15 - Understand how physical systems affect human systems.
    • Standard 16 - Understand the changes that occur in the meaning, use, distribution, and importance of resources.

  • National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies:
    • Performance Expectation 3.9 - Describe ways that historical events have been influenced by, and have influenced, physical and human geographic factors in local, regional, national, and global settings.
    • Performance Expectation 3.10 - Observe and speculate about social and economic effects of environmental changes and crises resulting from natural phenomena.
    • Performance Expectation 3.11 - Propose, compare, evaluate alternative used of land and resources in communities, regions, nations, and the world.
    • Performance Expectation 8.2 - Show through specific examples how science and technology have changed peoples' perceptions of their social and natural world.
    • Performance Expectation 8.4 - Seek reasonable and ethical solutions to problems that arise when scientific advancements and social norms or values come into conflict.

Formative Assessments (During the project)
  • This quiz can be retaken as students gain better understanding of the concepts of the project. This quiz will be taken every Thursday of the first three weeks. 
  • Learning Log - these will be looked at by both social studies and English teacher for different components: 
English will grade on the following criteria:
 Score     Criteria
 0Student has many errors in punctuation, sentence structure, spelling grammar and complexity of ideas.
 1Student has a few errors in punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, grammar and complexity of ideas.
 2Student has no errors in punctuation, sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and complexity of ideas.

Social Studies teacher will grade on the following criteria:

 Score Criteria
 0Student has not answered Fishbowl questions and shown complexity or evidence in their answer.   
 1Student has put forth a minimal effort in answering Fishbowl questions and showing complexity of answer with evidence.
 2Student has demonstrated mastery of Fishbowl question by giving complex evidence to answer question and challenge fellow students. 

  • Notes - checked every Wednesday using the following criteria:
 Score Criteria
 0 No new research to present.
 1 Student has only researched one or two new articles.
 2 Student has researched three or more new articles.
Summative Assessments (End of Project)
  • Showcase Rubric - This is what the students will be graded on during the showcase: