Everest Pathfinder
Explore Mt. Everest and Gordon Korman after reading the Everest series.

Mount EverestDo you know

What dangerous area on Everest has taken 19 lives so far?

You have just finished reading Gordon Korman's series book The Contest.  You want to know if you could be one of the youngest people ever to climb the highest mountain in the world? Four young climbers decide to attempt the expedition. Competition is fierce and conditions are harsh. Read The Climb to find out if these four climbers can survive the brutal conditions to scale Everest.  It is a challenge that not all of them may be able to meet. Supplies are low and the air is thin, could one of the climbers really be trying to sabotage the others?  Read The Summit, the final book in the Everest trilogy.

This pathfinder is created for fifth-grade students in conjunction with literacy groups that are reading the Everest series. After reading the series many students want more information about Mt. Everest, climbing, and Gordon Korman.  By utilizing this pathfinder students will have an organized way to find information about each of those topics. 

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