Session Guiding Questions

Describe your experiences with ebooks and ereading devices, both personally and professionally.

What helpful information have you learned that others can benefit from
regarding different devices, delivery methods, or book formats?

Share what you know about the difference between ebooks designed to be read on a dedicated reader and those designed to be accessed through a browser or library OPAC.

How do you see ebooks/ereaders impacting instruction or library services at the present time? 

How can ebooks  be used to meet the specific needs of targeted student groups?

How do you foresee ebooks/ereaders changing the future of library services and/or education?

What factors should be considered when purchasing ebooks? Discuss both ereader-based books and online (interactive) books.

Discuss how you are handling the following issues and any problems and/or suggestions you can make regarding purchasing, managing, and circulating ebooks?

Share some practical ideas and ways ereading is being implemented in your library or school.