Age of Exploration

What motivates people to venture into the unknown, risking their reputations, comfort and possibly their lives?

During the 1500's (16th century) and 1600's (17th century), European countries began exploring across the Atlantic Ocean.  Christopher Columbus was one of the first explorers to attempt this great feat. His accomplishments sparked the interest of exploration in many other countries.
The Searingtown School History Museum has just announced a new exhibit to take place in October!  They will have a Wax Museum Exhibit where visitors can go back in time to choose an explorer to meet.
You have been asked to participate in the Age of Exploration Exhibit by taking on the role of a famous European explorer. You will research your explorer, using books and the links provided on this website. You will take notes in your Research Packet, which is available in Google Docs and on the File Cabinet Page of this website.  Finally,  you will share your fascinating discoveries with the rest of the world.