The Our Town Project is an interdisciplinary collaborative project that asks students to explore their town and the people and places that make it unique.  Students begin by using Google Earth to identify various places in their town, such as their schools, their seat of government, the police station, the hospital, the zoo, religious centers, local museums, water treatment plants, and other businesses where their parents work.  As students take class field trips to these places, they use GPS units to groundtruth the location and use video cameras to capture images or record interviews.  
This project is intented for younger students as they learn about their town and how their government works in social studies class.  The project is ment as a base, or starting point, for teaching how to integrate Google Earth and other Google tools into the classroom and is intended to be expaned into different disciplines as student get older, such as using computer probes to collect scientific data during a local stream monitoring project or to collect oral histories of famous writers and artists who live in the area. 
We hope that other schools will use this project as a model and share information about their town with us through our collaborative layer.   This layer can be downloaded from the main project page and viewed in Google Earth.  Schools who wish to add their town's layer to our own, should post their layer on the Participating Schools page, then notify the project coordinator to add their layer to the composite layer. 
The information we collect is posted on our site and graphically visualized using Google Earth.  We do not share personal information of students or the people we interview.  Students are asked not to identify their home, but to use the school as a reference point.  We ask that interviewees use first names only and sign an informed consent.  These documents should be kept on file in your school library.  Participating schools should make every effort to delete information that could lead to an issue with internet safety. 
If you are interested in joining our project or have any questions, please contact the project coordinator, Thomas Cooper at thomas.cooper@thewalkerschool.org.
COLLABORATIVE LAYER: (document to be uploaded)