The Venue Team
The Venue Team develops the creative vision for and the management of the utilization of the Mosaic Coffee Shop space.
  1. Develop a vision for the space, including
    1. A family-friendly venue
    2. A music and performing arts venue
    3. Space must be fully-accessible to anyone with a disability 
Develop policies and procedures for utilization of the space
Develop a system for coordination of users of the space
Develop a plan for maintenance of the space

The Community Partnerships Team
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The Community Partnerships Team seeks out and creates partnerships with other groups and organizations in Davis.Develop community partnerships
  1. Service Organizations & Nonprofits
  2. Senior Center
  3. Community Groups
  4. UC Davis
  5. High Schools
The Fund Development Team
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The Fund Development Team identifies and develops funding sources and presentation materials to raise funds.
  1. Identifies funding sources/ grant development
  2. Develops a “pitch” to raise funds
    1. Talking points
    2. Different presentations for different groups
The Finance and Business Team
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The Finance and Business Team researches necessary permit, licenses, etc and develops the operating budget and five-year financial plan.
  1. Develop Articles of Incorporation and By-laws
  2. Explore options for business model (i.e.- Karma Kitchen)
  3. Develop a 5-year financial plan
  4. Permits, licenses, liability/insurance
  5. Develop an accounting system that is self-sufficient (doesn’t require DCC staff) and works within the parameters of the existing DCC accounting system
  6. Develop a business plan using proposals from all working groups
  7. Develop community partnerships
    1. Nonprofits
    2. Political groups/leaders
    3. City Council
The Education, Training and Awareness Team
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The Education, Training and Awareness Team provides avenues and strategies for educating volunteers and the community about disabilities.  It develops relationships with partners in the community to recruit, mentor and support employees and volunteers.
  1. Develop avenues and strategies for disseminating information
  2. Develop trainings on disabilities
  3. Serve as a consultant for other working groups
  4. Develop a mentorship framework and manual
  5. Develop community partnerships for training and education
    1. Social Services Commission
    2. ADA
    3. Department of Rehabilitation
    4. Private Industries
    5. UC Davis
    6. Other organizations
The Care Team
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Develop and maintain a team of people committed to the emotional support of Mosaic volunteers and staff.
  1. Develop training
  2. Create a confidentiality contract
The Tea & Coffee Shop Team
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The Tea and Coffee House Team will focus on the components it takes to get a tea and coffee house operational.
  1. Develop a list of equipment needed
  2. Determine opening costs as well as after opening operational costs
  3. Find and contact potential distributors
The Assistive Technology Team
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The Assistive Technology Team provides information on types of technology that would assist persons with various disabilities with both the employee and consumer in mind.  This group will explore the assistive technology associated with different disabilities and determine how we can bring them together to create an accessible environment.
  1. Explore different types of technology
  2. Determine costs of assistive technology
  3. Explore possible complications/problem areas concerning accessible technology
 The Marketing and Outreach Team
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The Marketing and Outreach Team provides the Mosaic Team with various marketing materials, strategies, avenues to promote Mosaic.  This team will also be responsible for reaching out to various groups and communities to keep the public informed and involved.Outreach to various groups for information and involvement
  1. City/County/State
  2. Disabled communities
  3. Families in the community
  4. Coffee/tea shops
  5. Other groups/communities
Develop marketing strategies