Explore Birds Together

Educational program for collaborative learning among students 
from Israel and other countries all over the world

Dear Teacher,
We are looking for schools that want to collaborate in a bird research study with junior high schools in Israel,
students that study science and technology (ages 13-16 years).
The study program is a new program of the Ministry of Education and the Ornithological Center in Israel.

For joining the program Pleas click "join our program"

The collaboration will be on studying and researching two main subjects:

1. Birds in my yard:

The variety of birds at the school-yard and the surrounding environment (based on observations in the field, and of databases of bird-counts and surveys, and of online cameras on feeders.  

2. Bird's migration:

Tracking migratory birds that carry satellite transmitters (based on online data, maps and databases from migration surveys, and observations of the students in the field). You can see some of the birds that can be tracked on these links:


For more information and suggestions of  activities: look at the left column.

We are here to help!

Shlomit Lipschits- Schools coordinator and birding instructor of the program, the Israeli Ornitholo

Yahavit Loria- Pedagogic and research teaching instructor of the program, the Israeli Ministry of Education