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     Amerigo Vespucci was important to this world because he was one of the first explorers to explore our world.Initiating, Vespucci was born in 1454 in Florance Italy. He was a well educated person.Vespucci was tough by his uncle.Vespucci learned many things like trading and how to find routes.Vespucci went on his first voyage in 1501 Vespucci sailed for the Portuguese.It took him sixty four days to cross the Atlantic ocean.

            Vespucci was one of the first to discover the coast of south America. One of Vespucci failures was that he didn't find any gold or silver in his voyages as well, he also had some great achievements such as north and south America was named after him.Lastly, Amerigo Vespucci died in 1512 because of a daises of malaria.In this time malaria was a dead full daises witch Vespucci got.As you can see Amerigo's Vespucci voages were very contributing to this world. 


Amerigo Despuci

                                                        Science project  BY:Mariela Gomez


Before European explorers interacted with Native Americans:

Examples of medical practices
  • They boiled clothes and bed sheets in burning water
  • Took baths with a high amount of salt

After European explorers interacted with Native Americans:

  • The person can become infected by....

  • Another persons lice
  •  rat fleas

  • rat fleas having contact with open cuts

  • breathing dead or infected rat or cat fleas

  • symptoms of the diseases

  • chills
  • cough

  • high fever

  • joint pain

  • lights may appear bright

  • Typhus ma be treated in some ways
  • such as 

  • antibiotics 

  • doxycyline

  • tetracyline

  • how long can a person live with typhus?

  • 1-2 weeks

Before European explorers interacted with Native Americans:
  • some examples of medical practices are
  • cleaned the body with hot water witch produced steam and sweat
  • Used different types of herbs or plant's
  • Images
  • Doctor injecting vaccine for small pox

  • in the second picture...
  • doctors treating small pox with herbs

After European explorers interacted with Native Americans:

  • Smallpox how the person can become infected
  • the person can become infected by

  • face to face contact

  • contact with direct body fluids

  • contaminated objects like bedding or clothes 

  • symptoms of the disease

  • invades mouth and throat

  • virus found in bloodstream

  • multiplication occurs in bone marrow
  • how small pox can be treated

  • people were vaccinated if it worked a big red and itchy bump developed then disappeared in a matter of 2 weeks

  • How long can a person survive with small pox?

  • a person can live up to 1 or 2 months depending on the person



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