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Hungarian prime misister on lessons the Reformation has for public affairs

posted Nov 5, 2017, 8:44 AM by Paul McClintock   [ updated Nov 5, 2017, 8:45 AM ]
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech at the national event commemorating the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation.
31 October 2017, Budapest.

We don’t confuse our calling with the mission of our churches. Our calling is to protect the ways of life that have their roots in Christianity. We defend human dignity, we defend families, we defend the nation, and we defend our faith communities. For us this is not a mere task, but a duty and a calling which we must perform to the best of our abilities. We can see that the Hungarian people and Christian Europe are in need of spiritual and intellectual renewal. For our part we take on the share allotted to us as free people, of our free will, of our free resolve. The Scriptures, too, teach us – and our experiences in Government confirm this – that we should never set the soul against the body; we should never set our financial and social needs in opposition to our spiritual and intellectual growth. While working to enable Hungarians to live well, we are also making efforts to enable them to a more fair, happier and richer lives, with hearts uplifted. The Reformation also taught us that we should never set a good, fine human life against a life serving the glory of God. What is good for a community of people glorifies God the Creator and Redeemer. That which serves the glory of God is the best for the people – indeed it is the ultimate good.

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