Safety Witness and Consultant


- Testified as a Recognized Safety Witness for California Superior Courts
- Testified as a Recognized Safety Witness for Workers' Compensation Appeals Boards
- Handled Multiple Cases with the California OSHA Appeal Boards
- Consultant for Asbestos Civil and FELA Cases
- Consultant for Rule 26 Federal Reports      
- Member ExpertPages, Westlaw, and Forensics Group Expert Witness Organizations            
- Highly Successful Safety and Industrial Hygiene Consultant

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Cell Phone: (408) 209-2632
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Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) - [Certification Number 3816]
Certified Safety Professional (CSP) - [Certification Number 8853]
California Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC) - [Certification Number 13-5021]
Registered Environmental Property Assessor (REPA)[Certification Number 146254]
Associate in Risk Management (ARM)
Certified California Underground Storage Tank (UST) Inspector                                                                                     


 M.S. Degree     Industrial Hygiene, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

 M.S. Degree     Genetics, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan                  

 B.S. Degree      Biology Major, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin    




Occupational Safety and Environmental Compliance (OSEC) Manager

County of Santa Clara 

Government Agency; 21,000+ employees; Government Administration Industry

September 1999 –  February 2020  

  • Manager in the County Risk Management Department, responsible for the planning, development and implementation of legally compliant County-wide loss prevention and control programs, Workers Compensation programs, occupational safety and health programs, California OSHA compliance programs, and California EPA environmental compliance programs for the ninth largest county in the United States. During the last 15 years the County injury rate decreased nearly 50% while over 20 million dollars of benefits/costs avoidance for the County was achieved.  Over the last 10 years, the County liability insurance claim costs have decreased by approximately 40%.  
  • Works as a team with County Legal Counsel, Workers' Compensation, and Insurance in providing for the efficient investigation, case management, legal defense, and settlement of claims made against the County. 
  • Provides leadership and technical guidance to County Senior Management to ensure that environmental and occupational safety standards promulgated by Federal and State regulatory authorities are being enforced. No serious California OSHA or EPA regulatory citations or fines have been issued to the County during my time as OSEC Manager, although it is the largest local employer (over 16,000 employees) and largest landowner in Silicon Valley, and has an annual budget of over five and a half billion dollars
  • Participated in the billion-dollar litigation effort let by Santa Clara County that successfully sued the lead paint industry for the decontamination and remediation of pre-1978 homes which still have coats of lead paint.
  • Manages a group of eight Risk Management and environmental professionals.
  • Provide safety support for County construction activities including permitting, scaffolding and fall protection, trenching/shoring, and other Cal-OSHA related regulatory requirements.
  • Visits facilities County-wide to conduct safety and environmental audits and evaluations, and to participate in meetings.
  • Represents the County at governmental regulatory meetings and legal hearings.
  • Establishes and administers County-wide contracts for risk management, occupational safety, loss prevention, and environmental services.
  • Plans/conducts industrial hygiene surveys for chemical exposure and indoor air quality concerns. 
  • Organizes, facilitates, and maintains safety training programs to enhance and encourage employee awareness of workplace hazards.
  • Tracks pending risk management regulatory and legislative developments reviews and suggests modifications for California legislative and regulatory proposals.

Senior Risk Management and Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Consultant        

Secor/Rust Corporations

June 1997September 1999 

  • Work responsibilities involve development and implementation of risk management, quality [ISO 9000], environmental, health, safety [ISO 14000], scaffolding and fall protection, trenching/shoring, ergonomics, laser safety, toxicology, process safety management, air/water permitting, Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), TSCA, litigation legal  support, and emergency preparedness/disaster regulatory programs for several major businesses and corporations in the Bay Area and nationally, such as Cymer, Hewlett Packard, Apple, Applied Materials, and Santa Clara Valley Water District.
  • Planning, conducting, and interpreting industrial hygiene surveys for asbestos, lead, cadmium, mercury, welding fumes, silica (total and respirable), and noise for several corporations in the Bay Area and nationally, such as Solectron and Waste Management.
  • Leading SEMI S2 (1998) third party product safety reviews, CE Marking, and risks fault tree analysis involving HAZOP/FMEA/FMECA/WHATIF evaluations. Product safety engineering and regulatory compliance support for Bay Area and national microelectronics and semiconductor tool chip suppliers, such as Cymer, Semitech, Semitool, Varian, Lam, and Applied Materials. Team leader for equipment and facility safety and quality assurance sign off for Samsung Austin, Texas electronics DRAM fabrication facility ($1.5 billion dollar investment).
  • Team leader for Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) and Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs) for several large governmental and private remediation projects.
  • Safety oversite for several underground storage tank removal and reliner companies such as Sessions and Ulrich Incorporated.
  • Team leader for risk management, quality assurance, environmental, health, ergonomics, and safety audit of Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) in Austin Texas (electrical utility company).
  • Participating in working standards group for SEMI S2 (1998) product safety revisions, particular involving ergonomics, industrial hygiene, laser safety, quality, and process hazard analysis/risk assessments.

Safety and Industrial Hygiene Manager

Bectel/Westinghouse Corporations 

July 1992March 1997 

  • Work responsibilities included directing six managers and over ninety safety professionals providing support to operations for construction, decontamination, decommissioning, and environmental restoration activities (RCRA/CECLA) at the Hanford Department of Energy (DOE) reservation. This site prepared and processed plutonium and uranium for use in nuclear weapons, and is now being cleaned up by private contractors under an approximately $1.2 billion dollar a year budget.
  • Prepared and implemented companies integrated quality, environmental, health, safety, air and water permitting, radiological, scaffolding and fall protection, trenching/shoring, ergonomics, lead, asbestos, laser safety, and emergency preparedness programs, plans and procedures.
  • Acted as part of a senior management team to establish configuration controls for company documents and correspondence. Acted as team leader in developing and implementing company work and quality control processes and documentation.
  • Prepared and implemented first Hanford Tank Farms (60 million gallons of radioactive mixed waste) OSHA 120 Health and Safety Plan.  Developed and implemented safety plan for Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility (EDRF) which is the largest radiological disposal site in the United States.
  • Extensive training in Total Quality Management (Demming). Acted as Total Quality Champion for department.
  • Established onsite industrial hygiene analytical laboratory (including quality control and quality assurance requirements). Planned, conducted, and interpreted industrial hygiene surveys for asbestos, lead, cadmium, mercury, welding fumes, silica (total and respirable), and noise.
  • Directed and participated in numerous high level engineering process safety management reviews, safety analysis reports (SARs), safety analysis documents (SADs) and hazard fault tree analysis projects. Senior level participant in Directed Standards Identification and Requirements Documentation (SRIDS) for several retired Hanford nuclear facilities.
  • Achieved a million man hours without a lost time work accident, and prepared and submitted an OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) application.

Industrial Safety and Health Manager

Nuclear Fuel Services 

Public Company; 501-1000 employees; Chemicals industry

April 1986July 1992 | Erwin, TN

  • Work responsibilities included development and implementation of plant radiological and non-radiological health and safety programs for the sole supplier of nuclear fuel for the US Navy, including chemical hazards safety, respiratory protection, fire protection, insurance compliance, hazard communication, scaffolding and fall protection, trenching/shoring, ergonomics, lead, laser safety, toxicology, laser safety, and industrial hygiene monitoring.
  • Prepared and implemented company hazardous waste/RCRA compliance (Part A/Part B Permits), and provided safety engineering and quality assurance support.
  • Prepared and implemented company emergency preparedness and disaster recovery plan, along with NRC SNM licensing and ANI/OSHA compliance activities.
  • Acted as team leader in developing and implementing facility work and quality control processes and documentation. Provided regulatory support from conceptual design criteria through construction of a $22 million dollar SNM uranium fuels recovery plant.
  • Worked on safety and quality aspects of conceptual design for projects to deconvert highly enriched uranium (HEA) to low enriched uranium (LEU).
  • When the company moved into consulting activities supported SNM license procedure development and implementation for Sequoyah Fuels Corporation (Gore, Oklahoma).
  • Managed the safety assessment reports for the Department of Energy (DOE) MHTGR Tritium Target Fabrication Project.

Industrial Hygienist/Safety Professional

Monsanto Electronic Materials Company

October 1983April 1986 | Spartanburg, SC

  • Work responsibilities included chemical hazards safety, industrial hygiene monitoring, equipment safety analysis, safety training, hearing conservation, scaffolding and fall protection, trenching/shoring, ergonomics, lead, laser safety, toxicology, workman’s compensation, Responsible Care implementation, and emergency preparedness/disaster planning for a silicon wafer foundry electronics manufacturing plant.
  • Facility was given OSHA VPP Star status, and awarded outstanding safety program in South Carolina for 1985.

Senior Industrial Hygienist/Safety Professional

Monsanto Chemical Company 

December 1979October 1983 | Nitro, WV

  • Work responsibilities included chemical hazards safety, industrial hygiene monitoring, equipment safety analysis, safety training, hearing conservation, scaffolding and fall protection, ergonomics, trenching/shoring, Workman’s Compensation, OSHA VPP, Responsible Care implementation, and emergency preparedness/disaster planning for an intermediate chemicals manufacturing plant (rubber chemicals, agriculture chemicals, and others).
  • Assisted in establishing AHIA certified laboratory for air sampling and analysis. Participated in numerous legal and governmental regulatory projects, due to the fact that the plant use to make   2,4,5, T (the component of Agent Orange containing dioxin contamination), and handled PAB (a potent human bladder carcinogen).
  • In addition, the plantsite was located in the same area as the Union Carbide plant that was responsible for the problems in Bophal, India (we safety handled many of the same hazardous materials).


Saginaw Valley State University

Educational Institution; 1001-5000 employees; Higher Education industry

January 1977April 1977 | University Center, MI

  • Taught Genetics, Biological Sciences, and laboratory courses.


Charles Mott Community College

August 1975June 1976 | Flint, MI

  • Taught Biology, Zoology, and laboratory courses


-  Member of local and national American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)

-  Member of American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH)

-  Public Agency Risk Managers Association (PARMA)

-  Public Agency Safety Management Association (PASMA)

-  Member of local and national American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

-  Member of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

-  Member of American Public Health Association (APHA)

-  Extensive radiological and health physics training

-  Extensive project management and statistical/quality assurance training

-  Participated in SEMI industrial hygiene and safety standards groups

-  Three times received awards/citations for Department of Energy (DOE)

-  College/high school wrestling team captain and four year athletic scholarship

-  Awarded NIOSH college traineeship and stipend

-  Eagle Scout

-  Hang Gliding