About Us

Your Rally Experts are really pleased to welcome you.

Andy Whittall and Richard Hughes have been in the event industry both together and on our own for many years.  We decided it would be a bit of a wheeze to take a car that we bought for £350 to Budapest! This set us on our way through 10 countries in just 5 days and some amazing roads and places along the way.

We had a fantastic time and decided the only thing that could make it better would be to have a couple of hundred guys and girls do it with us.

After further exploratory trips (it’s a tough job) to find the perfect overnight locations and the best road routes we started Rally Expert.co.uk.

We want you to have a great time driving safely across Europe and seeing some of the great sights that we have seen and many that we haven’t yet!

Andy is 43, married with a team of children and is extremely keen on cars, driving, mechanics, and country sports and also enjoys a small beer on occasion.

Richard is also 43, married with son and knows nothing whatsoever about cars, but does like to throw them around the Alps given half a chance.

Our partners
We are very pleased to work closely with the following companies who provide products and services around our rallies;
e business Management
The best model agency in the South of England!
Specialist covered car transportation and storage
You can contact us by email on Andy@rallyexpert.co.uk or Rich@rallyexpert.co.uk

If you have registered for a rally you will also have our mobile numbers.

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