Rules of the Road

OK - just so we're clear, we're not taking responsibility for anything.  No suing, no complaining, no having a go at us.  If you chose to attempt this adventure, then it's your look-out.

Actually, that's not quite true.  We take full responsibility for arranging accomodation and ferries for this rally. And if we cancel it for any reason, you get your registration fee back, in full.

Of course with our experience we can connect you with our travel agent, an insurer, recommend break down cover, advise on Mountain passes, help you with suggested preparation lists and things you need. We are here to help in a very grown up way!

Which still means you take full responsibility for, amongst other things, the following:
  • the weather
  • the condition of your vehicle
  • the legality of your driving and of your vehicle (including any optional accessories)
  • all costs of travel (except our ferry crossing), Petrol, breakdown cover, insurance etc.
  • all costs of eating
  • every other cost
If you don't see why we don't take responsibility for this, then you need an all inclusive coach trip, not an adventure!