Our Tiny Tigers program is for children 4 to 6 years depending on maturity level. This program is specifically designed to focus on the needs of this age group. They learn 3 types of focus to improve behavior and enhance learning. Each week has a different theme of focus combined with fun and challenging drills to develop coordination.

Tiger Students will improve in:

  • Motor Skill Development
  • Positive Behavioral Changes
  • Listening Skills Development
  • Following Directions and getting along with others
  • Increased courtesy & manners
  • Improved Self-Confidence, Focus and Concentration (which prepares them for school)
The Tiny Tigers have a curriculum that is based on the beginner belt system. When they graduate from the program or mature to the point where they need more of a challenge the student will transition to the older class because they have a solid foundation in the basics.

7-12 YRS OLD

Our Juniors program concentrates on discipline, respect, confidence, control, and focus to improve academic performance, self-esteem, and to become an outstanding citizen.

  • Students will learn a Tae Kwon Do curriculum, self-defense, self-awareness, and life skills such as stranger danger, bully protection and prevention skills, and proper etiquette.
  • Tae Kwon Do improves your child's coordination and athletic abilities for self defense and to excel at other sports in addition to the martial arts
  • Children benefit from this program by learning focus skills to improve grades in school
  • They learn life skills to become aware, confident, and social.