April 14, 2008

In April, the ECC met on Monday, April 14 in the form of a panel at umami: food and art festival.


Moderator: Corby Kummer, senior editor, The Atlantic Monthly


Panelists: Will Goldfarb, WillPowder and Dessert Studio; Dave Arnold, Director of Culinary Technology, French Culinary Institute; Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez, Chef/Owner, Lassi; Bret Thorn, Food Editor, Nation’s Restaurant News; and Nils Noren, Vice-President of Culinary and Pastry Arts, FCI/International Culinary Center


In a stimulating conversation, the panel discussed cooking as a creative process and the role of the ever-changing relations among chefs, diners, and media in that process. Some of the topics to be covered include what duty does a chef have to the diner? Is that duty compatible with the creation of exciting and innovative textures, colors, aromas, and flavors? What role does the diner’s reaction play in the chef’s creative process? What influence do media have? How is the growing power of online media, particularly blogs, affecting the relationship between chef and diner? Can you create art/technology/food for its own sake? 


Audio files of the workshop are available via FTP.


From left to right, Dave Arnold, Nils Noren, Heather Carlucci-Rodriguez, Will Goldfarb, Bret Thorn, and Corby Kummer.