Types of CSL

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Author: Heather Laursen

There are various types of Community Service-Learning (CSL) that you can look for if you want to get involved in a CSL course. This website profiles many of these types in a variety of settings and here you will find a summary of these types.

CSL is not confined, in other words, to traditional concepts of service, like serving meals at a homeless shelter or cleaning children's toys at a shelter for example. While these are worthy volunteer postions, CSL takes shape in many versions that you can participate in, whether you are a student or instructor at an educational institute or a potential community partner in the city of Calgary and beyond.

Breaking the Academic Bubble

"CSL Possibilities" This model (created by the author) represents one possible illustration of the different types of CSL projects and the areas of study that they may originate in.

These examples of the types of CSL illustrate as well how CSL breaks through the traditional academic bubble, branching across faculties, topics and methods. As authors of this website and students of CSL, we encourage you to explore the following types of CSL in future courses or in partnership with institutions in your community and in doing so, consider the ways in which CSL can be used to think outside the box and go beyond traditional barriers and exclusions.

Across Faculties

CSL is available in many faculties and is adaptable to almost any area of education. Some of the examples highlighted on this website include projects in the Arts, Business, Education and particularly in Communication Studies.

Across Disciplines

The topics that CSL courses can explore are endless. While finding community partners who can use a service related to the topic may be a challenge, the strategies of CSL can illuminate many different disciplines and themes. The projects profiled here demonstrates the variety available in CSL courses, as the topics include among others,

Across Methods

As well as the various faculties and topics through which CSL can be developed, there are also a variety of methods or conventions for structuring CSL. The types of CSL projects that are completed can involve various forms of service as demonstrated in the categories of CSL projects on this website: