Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to go to Account list page?
Click the account name above the View Account Activities and below the account sliding bar (if you have the sliding bar). In version 1.5.0, there is account sliding bar above the Account name if you have more than one accounts.

2. How to do account transfer?
Click the account name above the View Account Activities and you will see the Account list page. Or go to Schedule/Repeating Transaction page and menu Account Transfer.

3. How to export expense data to SD Card?
Click menu button on home page and then Settings menu. Select Backup. You can export data to SD Card in the CSV format. Or go to View Account Activities and menu Export/Import. You can export selected data SD Card in CSV format.

4. How to backup data to SD Card? 
Click menu button on home page and then Settings menu. You can back up database to SD Card.

5. How to set up the payment alert?
A user can set up the payment alert once or alerts for recurring payment. Go to Schedule/Repeating Transaction to set up the either expense or income payments with alerts. 

6. How to set up multiple account?
Tap the Expense Account icon to set up a new account and a default account.

7. How to add a new expense category?
Go to New Transaction screen and then Expense Categories menu. If you cannot find the category you want, then go New Category menu to add a new category.

8. How to import expenses from a file?
Please do an export first and follow the export file format to set up the import file. Name the file as expenses.csv and store it on SD under /sdcard/expensemanager/expenses.csv. Please make sure the date format is yyyy-mm-dd.

9. Why cannot I enter password?
Please check the Enable app unlock security to enable the password feature.

10. I forget the password and security answer. How can I reset the password?
Please send email to for help.

11. How to search transactions?
Click View Account Activities button and then More menu and select Search Transaction. 

12. How to delete transactions?
Go to View Account Activities page and then search transactions first. Then go to Delete menu to delete the records on the page. You can delete all transactions, expense transactions and income transactions. Be careful when doing so.

13. How to add mileage as expense?
Click Add New Expense button and then open menu Mileage Conversion.

14. How to get to the pie chart screen?
Click This Week Expense or This Month Expense or Year to Day Expense to go to expense page. Click Date View or Category View and then click Chart button.

15. What does stands for?
★ means that this transaction has receipt attached.

16. How to change background and button color?
On app home page, click menu and select Settings and then Display.

17. How to backup and sync in Cloud?
On app home page, click menu and select Sync with Dropbox. You need set up Dropbox account first. It's free to set up a Dropbox account at If you sync with multiple device, please make sure each device has latest data before turning on the sync option.

18. Should I update to Pro Edition?
If you want to manage business and personal accounts separately or you don't like the Ads, please upgrade to Pro Edition. You save money to stay with free version. Free and Pro versions have same features.

19. How to delete or edit Auto Fill item?
Long press the Auto Fill item to delete or Edit.

20. How to set up an account for Auto and Mileage?
Go to Account list page and click Add button. Check the box Auto and Mileage. Then go to home page and slide to the Auto and Mileage account and you can add the Auto related expense and mileage. You can click Mileage button to view the Mileage activities. On the Mileage Activities page and menu, you can view the mileages by week or month or you can search a trip.

21. How to add a note?
Go to App home page and menu More and then Note, you can add notes such account number, a reminder, or a transaction note etc. On Account Activities page, you can long press a transaction and add the transaction to note.

22. How to set up default Account Activities page?
Go to View Account Activities page and menu More and Set Default. On this page you can narrow down the transaction as default activities page. You can also highlight the transaction with a specified status such as Unclear so that you can pay attention to those items.