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expatriate field guide to rx's in canada, mexico, & usa


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Handbook For Rx  Survival in Mexico”

Making sure you get the CORRECT medication in Mexico

 Welcome to ExPatriate Medicine’s  New Presentation of

Guide for Rx Survival in Mexico

 The first and original  compilation of  drug data that has been specifically collected for the expatriate(s) of the United States and Canada.  But before we proceed, let me tell you exactly what this site is NOT!

This site is NOT a mail order  drug store.  We do not sell drugs.  We do offer information, reviewed by pharmacists, for you, the traveler, the vacationer, or the expatriate,  specifically your prescription drug requirements.  And this site is intended to provide you with necessary data during the first 1 to 3 months of your move.  And during this time, you should develop a working relationship with area health care providers, pharmacists & physicians.

Now that you’ve made the decision to relocate to Mexico, it is time to look closely at the Mexican pharmacy (farmacia) that you will work with.  The system in Mexico is vastly different than found in Canada or the United States.  For the most part, you do not need a written prescription to get your drug order filled. With exception of  narcotics and controlled drugs,  you may go to the local farmacia and request the drug you need.  You will rarely find a pharmacist on duty, but generally several young teenagers eager to help. And this is where, we believe, the problem starts.  With both a language barrier and different names for your drugs.

Large stores with farmacias  claim that at least one of the staff members speaks English.  I’m not sure that is always true.  For I have purchased prescriptions in various farmacias in Ajijic, Lake Chapala, San Juan Cosala, Guadalajara and Cancun and often it is just me, the clerk, my tired book of 'English to Spanish', and my ever shortening cheerful attitude. I don't speak Spanish, and there is some doubt that I speak English when I'm tired or ill.

That is the primary reason for this site development. You will find the top prescription drugs from Canada, the United States, and Mexico in various formats that will help you find and purchase just the correct / same prescription that you got back home.  Many times, the names are different as well as the appearance and packaging.  So, we offer many options for you to cross reference and verify the accuracy of the prescription drug just placed in your hand by that nice clerk who looks 14 years old.

We must include a disclaimerbefore we proceed.  "The information in this site is for educational purposes only.  No change in treatment is suggested, and any such changes should be discussed with your healthcare provider."  Again, this is just information, and we encourage you to develop a working relationship with a pharmacist in your area.

 And if you are in such a hurry that you can't read all the pages, just go to Link # 13  (favorite drug finder).  Here is an example of one name of your Mexican drug. Follow the directions to another page (click under the photo) for a complete list of drug names you may encounter in Mexico. 

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Also, let us know of your experiences in Mexico regarding prescriptions.

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Handbook For Rx  Survival in Mexico”