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Culture Project

        Famous people in Russia have been affected by their fashion as they must keep up with the latest styles. The closer you live to a city the less practical you need to dress. The cities tend to be warmer due to the number of people in a small vicinity. This allows for these people to be more fashionable like the shawls which have since stormed the world as a universal trend. Most of the trendy areas  model themselves after more urban areas like New York or Europe. Many of the most famous Russians have made their marks on the world by coming to America especially when it come to sports where it is less opportune to train in the cold. They traditionally have a much different styles then most because they need to take into account that part of the nation is considered tundra for the majority of the year. Therefore more insulating materials, hats that keep the body warm and unusual items like Valenki boots are common to keep people warmer. The higher altitudes also provides for colder temperatures which is part of the reason that they have a diet that is more centered around carbohydrates and fattening foods that will help insulate them throughout the colder points of the year. They do not eat as many fruits and vegetables because they are much harder to grow in the colder climate and instead focus on consuming what will behoove them based on their setting.