1. Expandable Mobile Units : Shelter ,Emergency ,Medical, Storage

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Expandable Truck
and Trailer
 From 8' tag-a-long trailer 
to 53' tractor trailer. 
From Cutaway  van chassis
to commercial Truck, RV or Bus Chassis               
   Simple Efficiency . Period !!!
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Traditional Structures
Picture above: 
  1. The  Expanding part is basically a tent.
  2.  It is not protecting people and equipment.
  3. No additional systems could be attached to the canopy.
  4. Canopy is easier to tear and destroy during set up, exploitation and folding back.
  5.  Because of the structure the vehicle has  very high clearance. With ETT all this clearance is utilized and when open , the unit is at least 6 feet wider.
Pictures above  and bellow:


  1. The walls of the unit are canopy and don't have all the benefits of   ETT walls
  2.  When folded while transported, the floor, the roof and  the canopy for the walls are taking most of the  floor and the space of the shelter, not allowing enough room for mounting or transporting other essential equipment.
  3. Time for deployment considerably longer than the one for ETT
  4. Deployment involves personnel   v/s the automatic way ETT deploys.

Picture above:


  1. Setting up the unit requires considerable amount of personnel and time
  2. The extensions are   stored inside the unit and don't leave any room on the floor for  mounting or transporting additional equipment.
  3. The system has many moving elements which makes it much more expensive,heavier,  slow for deployment, more likely to default and more difficult to maintain.
Pictures above:


  1.  The system is limited by the slide-outs: the maximum width of both of them is restricted by the width of the floor of the main unit .( the right slide out is 7' wide and the left one 6'), while the higher the ETT the bigger the surface when deployed.
  2.  The deployment system is  much more complicated than the one ETT has. This transforms to higher manufacturing cost and grater chance of defaulting while on the field.
  3.  The floor couldn't be utilized for mounting or transporting additional equipment. Only the left slide-out's floor is available when the unit is not deployed. If it is utilized for transporting heavy freight, before deployment the unit must be unloaded. If equipment is fixed  to the floor,, upon deployment all of it will have to stay only at the left side. While the unique way folding ETT's floor and space above it stays available for utilization. 

YouTube Video

 ETT structure


Why  ETT ground breaking solution is better than the existing structures for the applications shown on the left  side 


1 Better protection of the personnel -could be manufactured from any suitable for the application material (bulletproof, etc.)
2   Considerably lower  cost of acquisition

3. Sturdier  and  more resilient in heavy environment .

4.Less than 30 seconds to be deployed.

5. Carries snow load and strong wind as a regular building

 6.  Any additional necessary systems could be installed on the hard roof and  ceiling  and be protected while transporting.
7.  For energy self-sufficiency , flexible solar panels could be mounted on the roof,   and be completely protected while unit is transported.
8. The Floor is always available for mounting or transporting personnel or equipment. ( no additional time, efforts, personnel and transportation expenses necessary for equipment used when the unit is in exploitation)
9.  Better thermal insulation
10. Simpler ,less expensive and more reliable mechanics of deployment.
11.If manufactured with the dimensions of a 40' shipping container or 48' tractor trailer provides above 1000 sq. ft usable space.
12. When manufactured for a 53 ' tractor trailer , the maximum height  of the walls would be 12'. When deployed the  of the unit is 30' wide.
wall        +     trailer floor    +          wall           =    floor of the unit
11'          +       8'              +           11'           =     30' wide x 45' long x 12' h

This provides :
  1.  Usable surface from 1350 sq.f
  2.  Protecting personnel and equipment
  3.  It is weather tight
  4. Has properties of a stationery building
  5.  deployed and ready to be used without engaging personnel  for less than a minute.