Pictures of hearts and flowers : French bouquet las vegas.

Pictures Of Hearts And Flowers

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pictures of hearts and flowers

To make this memorial for Kristen Stowie I took a picture of hearts and flowers and pasted them on a black background. For all of my images I used the Magic wand tool/ quick selection to isolate my items. Then I typed each letter of her name and the R.I.P onto a separate layer. I also took a picture of her and I used the eraser tool a little bit. To her picture I added an inner shadow. I then added animation to the pictures by making each of the letters appear separately by clicking duplicate and tween. Then I made two doves appear to symbolize her and peace. Kristin's picture moves gradually up and I had to duplicate, tween, and use the move tool to individually move her slowly up to the doves. Then I used the same steps to move the doves in to kiss her. My thoughts about this are that this memorial I believe turned out really good and is a perfect animation of what Kristin stood for and how much she will be missed.
Heart in a Bible
Heart in a Bible
double hearts!

pictures of hearts and flowers