There were 376 responses to the survey I posted on /r/exmormon on Janurary 21, 2013. 
The survey has closed and is no longer available. 
Almost 5% of the subreddit's followers took the survey. 

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Current Age Distribution.


Sexual Identity

Marital Status
Please note that the "single" categories also include those who might normally select "divorce" or "windowed". 
This was an oversight and will be compensated for in a future survey.


World Wide

United States

Current Church Activity and Membership

Spouse/Partner's Church Activity

Note: There was no "other" option.

Extended Family 

note: There was some confusion regarding this question. 
A note was included with the question that this applies to any relative other than spouses and children. 
People were able to choose multiple answers to cover the differing 
beliefs among their relatives, so the percentages will not equal 100%. 

Stopped Believing at Age:

Stopped Believing "x" Years Ago

Stopped Attending "x" Years Ago

In the Process of Leaving

Reasons for Leaving
(Where 1 = no influence and 5 = major reason for doubting/leaving)

Church Doctrine

Church's Stance on Homosexuality

Church's Involvement in Political Issues

Church History

Life Experiences

Friends & Family

Other motivating reasons for leaving included:

Learning more about science/logic/critical thinking, unsettling interactions with leadership, realizing a lack of faith/testimony/spiritual experiences, compounding issues, dissonance between "gospel" principles and what happens in real life, City Creek Mall, not finding church enjoyable, realizing non-members are just as happy or happier than members, absolutist philosophies, tithing, mission experiences, unhealthy/negative view towards sexuality, mental health, feminism

Current Religious Beliefs

These are our demographics!

Brought to you by /u/AccidentalHippie and hours upon hours of fighting with spreadsheets.
Many other questions were submitted and will be a part of a future survey. 
Thanks for your participation