Inspirations HOW

Inspirations on HOW to flow through existence money

In this note I talked about letting flow through existence money upon the layer of society SELF (together).

Below you can find inspirations of applications on HOW you yourSELF (together) can facilitate existene money upon the layer of society.

Applications of letting flow through existence money
- letting flow through 1 or more euro to someone or more individuals on a monthly basis
- offering one shelter physically in your home and charge them little to nothing;
- reserve euro for your (young) child and hand over her/him this money when s/he reaches the age of (for example) 16-18 years old, so your child can live FROM the awareness of existence money and is able to use a free availabe untaxing / unburdening exchange asset: to be as (physical) parent(s) a true embedding for you child(ren);
- contribute to the free existence of a homeless person or a wanderer by offering them 1 or more euro, where they in turn can buy themSELVES food with (contributing to ones free existence sprouts forth from within another field in your psyche then offering them food... can you see / feel this?... by offering them food you are doing 'good' to someone, which is from the 'old'... 'doing good' is from the 'old' paradigm bc it is giving YOU a good feeling, but has nothing to do with the heartfelt longing to live together organic on Earth without burdening you fellow human and let them flow(er) freely on Earth);

Naturally you can think-up many more ways HOW to apply the awareness from existence money and below this note you have the possibility to add your own expressions of applications. Talk to the people around you (which could be global) about possible ways of applications. Talk about the meanings. Ask each other what it would mean to you if you (and those near you, your fellow human) would live FROM the awareness of existence money: then... do you think about how it would dissolve YOUR current individual problems or do you internally stand in the 'newly' transmuted psyche where you are beyond your individual issues (which doesn't mean that your life has no issues anymore and naturally you also can sense what existence money would dissolve in your own life) and you can recognize the internal impulse that you just want to live an organic non-taxing and unburdening co-existence on Earth (so without having to tax each other or rob / take anyone elses creative life force into confiscation).

The transmuting power of existence money
Upon the choice 'embedding of your (physcial) child(ren)' I added

"so your child can live FROM the awareness of existence money and is able to use a free availabe untaxing / unburdening exchange asset"

Instead of child you can read partner, friend(s), a random fellow human, etc. The transmuting power is in the fact that a human(child) can live together FROM the new earth references and is able to use a freely available un-taxing and unburdening asset: so free is from the current taxing and burdening system. Remember that also euro (USD / Pounds) can function as a freely available non-taxing and unburdening currency, AS SOON AS the moneyCREATION-MOMENT is equal to your free existence (money) for correcting the theft / confiscation as a result of legalized man made law's and regulations (legally indeed but unlawful perceived from natural law) placed over a direct living together.

Next generation support group
I want to support a 'next generation support group' to pass on these profound truths of life. So when you are between 16-18 and 26 years old contact me via mail or skype mascha1153 or facebook. When you are a (grand)parent, or teacher, or whatever and you have the next generation in your midst please contact me also.

When a child is born the 'enslaver' says "you FIRST need to go through me before you can survive here... and you will never be alble to thrive... since I am the gatekeeper..." (who is / are the 'enslaver(s)': please do not answer this question immediately, but let 'it' go through you).

Embedding the next generation

How to free the next gen from enslavement?
There is a video on this page which is in Dutch, but maybe you get it when you look at the imagination: it draws a circle which is the current society worldwide... within this current society there are all kind of groups who are striving for a better world... basic income group is one of them (other groups are OPPT, Swiss Indo, Ubuntu, Positive Money, Free Man, groups who try to get access to their birth certificate trust, etc. etc.)... the dot in the middle is the next generation... when we say we want a better life for the next gen, we place them in our midst... when we say we want a better society living from basic income worldwide (or OPPT, Swiss Indo, Ubuntu, Positive Money, Free Man, groups who try to get access to their birth certificate trust, etc., etc.)... then we certainly want this for the next generation... won't we? So when we place the next gen in our midst how can we protect them from the rest of the world who are against basic income (or all other mentioned groups)? Are we waiting for the government to facilitate basic income (or the governments applying OPPT stuff etc.) for the whole world? Are we waiting for the banks? Are we waiting for... whatever? No we have placed the next gen in our midst and WE choose to facilitate them by transferring money to them! on behalf of their free existence, so contributing to their free existence, which is their existence money... euh basic income (transformed)... Right?

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