Bestaansgeld - Introductie (Nederlands)

The transmutating meaning of existence money

The fear the establishment possibly! feels, is that people are becoming aware that they THEMSELVES are the economical value of 'money'... that nothing outside them that is: so no gold, silver, stocks, matches, seashells, etc. And we cost NOTHING: let that sink in deeply, because our existence costs nothing to society. Also the next generation, our children, costs nothing to society. This is a truth of life!

This means that existence money simply can become available for EVERYONE without taxing nor burdening anyone.

What would thát mean... when existence money becomes available for EVERYONE without taxing nor burdening anyone?

Realize that 'money' is transformed years ago already: so look in yourself, when you read and/or hear the word 'money', what it evokes in yourself... what meaning do YOU give to the word 'money'... and then look even deeper in yourself... do you recognize the projections you lay over 'money' yourself... are you able to acknowledge these projections... if so you can let them go. Also in you the projections can discharge, as soon as you know the truth of 'money'. By then you recognize that the word 'money' is discharged from his burdening shit years ago already.

The purpose of this website is to support you in comprehending and deepening your understanding of what existence money and her transmuting power mean, seen through the insights of a 'free unburdening living together', so you will be able to consciously make the choice that you can and want to let existence money flow through to others. Or not, that choice remains an option too of course.

After researching this website and the links provided on several pages your discernment has grown and you have learned to distinguish between that which comes from the 'old' paradigm and that which is of the 'new'. This also applies to the (new) banks, the (new) politics, and the (new) currencies available at this moment. In other words: you have 'learned' to identify if the current institutions (also those saying! to be 'new') facilitate our living together FROM self- and human-consciousness, or still protect the system from system-thinking and by that control and steer our co-existence (which is 'old').

A smooth transition is possible for ALL humanity
(And we could start with the next generation, our children)

When we are not living in truth with ourselves and our fellow man we are doing harm to ourselves, the other, humanity, Mother Earth, the Universe, and All There Is, Was, and Ever Will Be.

I live the 'new' (which is the organic) earth references from free access to life, not burdening and be burdened (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, energeticly, financially).

We are all here to live in truth with ourselves and others... Aren't we? I definitely am!

We can not pass by the transition

The transition is not ABOUT money but goes VIA money... The 'old' money is transformed into 'new money' (which works totally different then the 'old' money) for years ALREADY.

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