Quotes/Book Excerpts

"an'ya is the 'Christina Rossetti' of contemporary haiku — her work consistently refelcts a similar artistic philosophy, passion, energy, and joyful image making." — Michael McClintock, USA

"an'ya, you are, and has been for some years, my most favorite living tanka poet. To be sure, I like her other work also. Still, the tanka form speaks to me more than other styles.) — David Lee Kirkland, Author, Adventurer, Templar, Storyteller

"an'ya — such a tiny name, yet such a great voice in haiku. How sad for any haiku enthusiast who has not yet discovered an'ya's gem-like verses. With an exquisite instinct for just the right word, she paints masterpieces in just a few words. Her work shines with a love of nature and all the tiny details that make up its magnificence." — Denis M. Garrison, USA

"Yes!" from an'ya come natural, pure, and yet such magnificant images. It is really so simple as only nature can (and must) be. Her words speak to us as a voice; "look at this!", and while we stay to enjoy this perfect vision, an'ya is off to yet another marvelous moment. We follow her imperceptibly from image to image, delighted, fascinated; an'ya's haiku is truly untouchable nature." — Jasminka Nadaskic' Djordjevic', Serbia

"Freshness, presence, the sound of goat bells on the wings of falcons, an earth scent, and the flavor of a far-away land blended with northwest America. These are images that come to my senses when I think of an'ya. From some favorites of her haiku. Which is to say, an'ya's haiku, (full of life), leave lasting impressions a true gift." — Debra Woolard Bender, USA

"Through her haiku, an'ya demonstrates that she has learned to see into the essential nature of things. When she goes about expressing a moment, she does not wander from her inspiration, or change it in order to fit a form. It is clear that an'ya maintains a steady focus on the lifefulness of an experience while researching for words that will most effectively convey its essence. Her choices of words hit the mark with great regularity, faithgully calling forth the mood of emotions that moved her. Often she utilizes some minute detail to point us to what she felt, rather than tell us outright; an'ya has a knack for haiku, and has quickly assimilated many of the more profound aspects of the practice. She's one of the brightest haiku poets to emerge in recent years." — Christopher Herold, USA

"What an'ya does is an HUGE undertaking 'writing/drawing down the bones' requires full participation & her 10,000  (things) come through that participation ... if you want to know what singing is, don't go to hear a singer ...be a singer! If you want to know anything .... participate   this is her lesson: START YOUR ENGINES — Ed Baker, USA

"an'ya's haiku are read and appreciated around the globe. Writing with authenticity and respect to the seasons of life; bringing nature/.human nature together in a way that honors the commonplace, yet speaks universally. They linger in the mind; demand to be read again and again." — Carole MacRury, USA

"an'ya comes to haiku moments in their natural fullness with a prepared and practiced mind. Truly being-in-this-world, her mood reaches to divine simplicity. Given exquisite shape, an'ya's haiku provide harmony between the visible and invisible worlds we dance and die in. Read an'ya's haiku until your whole body hears.: — old pajamas (Alan Segal), USA

"The haiku poems by anya show qualities which make them closer to Japanese haiki." — Susumu Takiguchi, Japan

"Great insight, an'ya expresses her observations through finely wrought haiku. Reading her poems gives a sense of opening one's eyes to a cool rain at the end of a very long drought." — Ferris Gilli

What can I say about my soul-sister, a woman or a girl, not born here where my soil and soul, but living in a distant America! Distant Serbia? No way. I have come to know this marvelous woman in a space without man- made borders and unlimited by any second thoughts. I have come to know her not only through her great poetry and art, but through her humble personality as well. Through all that she has done and is doing, never complaining, never regretting, never saying a bad word about anyone ... I feel her a part of my family. Whether we'll meet face to face ... and I'd love it ... no matter ... an'ya will always remain "love ya me". — Sasa Vazic', Serbia

"an'ya's sensitively crafted, award-winning haiku sing in celebration of the commonplace." — karma tenzing wangchuk, USA

"Most all of an'ya's haiku are to be envied — concise, clear, demanding a strong emotional reponse, and equally as important, so fresh." — Elizabth St Jacques, USA

"In her poetry, an'ya manages, with her apt choice of words and rhythm, to produce pure and classic music that readers will find both stirring and unforgettable. " — Kirsty Kardow, USA

"I encounter haiku by an'ya as an editor and as a reader, and both things are pleasurable. Her craft has the light touch of a fine wordsmith; her haiku are informed by an "eye" for small things. She demonstrates an often quite original view into nature's truths." — Paul McNeil, USA

"world haiku is brighter for an'ya's WIDE BRIGHT COMET!" — Ernest J Berry, NZ