Exile Guide

In this section you will find out:
 How to get Started on Exile,  Linking Suggestions for each class,  Information about our economy system,
Services,Repeatable Exile Quest's and Recent Changes made to the server and other important information.

Welcome to Shaiya Exile! We have been online now for 7 years and we are one of the most reliable private Shaiya servers as we have DDOS protection and we do not go offline when someone wants to attack the game.

After you download and extract Shaiya Exile, you will first choose your faction (Choose wisely because you can not change the accounts faction)
Once you choose your faction you will choose a character (We recommend you start with a character that can kill, so you can do some farming to build up your character)
On Exiles Character creation screen you'll see four different levels to choose from. 15, 30, 55, and 60. You will start at the level you choose and that character will remain that level as there is no experience gained on Exile. Once you have your character created, log on and open your inventory, you will find set of gear, pre ele weapons and started accessories, you will also have 1 billion in gold to help you link, enchant and purchase your necessities (or buy items from Auction board).
On Exile continuous resurrection runes , and prevent Item Drop (PID) are not needed, however you can buy resurrection runes from lilprohacker merchant so you can rez where you die.
You will also want to purchase a Red Phoenix Charm and some Teleportation Stone Runes so you can save locations. Grab a few Great Healing/Stamina/Mana potions, Great Super pots, Warehouse Recall Runes, Movement Runes and Party Member Summon Runes as well.
Joining a guild is often very helpful in getting you started and most guild's will help you find your way.

How to get Started on Exile:
If you are a new player, here are some helpful ideas to get you started.
Gear: We give you a starter set, weapons and accessories free, already in your inventory when you create a new toon. It is almost best set in game so feel free to link it up.
As you get the best pieces you can Lapis Switch to them new gear: Click Here for Info on Lapis Switching

You can farm the best gear and weapons from the big bosses in Kanos, or from the main minibosses  in VR/PR, OR, farm gears from Fortune Bag LV 5's that drop from all the Golems in Kanos and all the minibosses in VR/PR.
Mini Boss Locations.

Mini bosses in PR/VR that drop the Mysterious Upgrade box:
VR = Captain Staedtler, Queen Amaizhen, Desiree, Princess Viya.
PR = Princess Garnet, Princess Nemesis, Princess Erebos.
Important Links

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Accessories       Lapis Guide       Exile Items       Rank Sharing       PVP Rewards

When you create a new toon, you can link it fast by farmin the mobs in VR/PR. Operators Exclusive Hammers drop on map 1, 2, 3, OI, and GRB mobs.
You can get Blitz Hammers (pefect linking hammers) from the mini bosses in VR/PR.

Force lapises
-(see lapis guide for more info) drop easy from all mini bosses in VR/PR and also from FB5 (Fortune Bag 5). Lapisias and Recreation runes drop easy from the mobs in VR/PR. You can get enchanted to (14) on all items easy. To enchant further than (14) , it is best to get Perfect Lapisias (see lapis guide for more info)  drops from (FB5).
The best lapis in the game is The Exiled Lapis -  (see lapis guide for more info) You can get this lapis in web mall for EP or by taking the repeatable quest to Kill The Queen from the Vet Manager in the Auction House. Complete the quest by killing the Queen (in the dungeon in VR/PR) and you will receive The Exiled Lapis as a drop from the Queen, and a Fusion token - (see exile Item's for more info) from the quest after you turn it in. The TEL (The Exiled Lapis) goes only in the top and takes 2 slots.

Kill The Queen Repeatable Quest:

Located in the dungeons on VR and PR.
YouTube Video for Finding: Queen Vanus
YouTube Video for Finding: Queen Caput

You can combine, or "fuse" the TEL with an ele by going to the Professional Blacksmith. Go to the Professional Blacksmith, click on "Creation", then put your top that has the TEL in it in slot one of the Professional Blacksmith. Put the Fusion Hammer (buy from merchant named Lilporohacker in the AH), in slot 2, and the Fusion Token in slot 3. Select "Create", and the Professional Blacksmith will combine the TEL and the ele into one lapis, giving you another free slot in your top to add another lapis of your choosing.
You can also Fusion your weapons too. Go to the 
Professional Blacksmith, select "Creation", put the weapon that has an ele linked in it in slot 1, Fusion Hammer in slot 2, and Weapon Fusion Token ( you get this from the Kill The Queen quest) in slot 3. Click on "Create" and the Professional Blacksmith will combine your ele to a Max Assault, thus giving you another slot to link another lapis of your choosing.
Doing the fusion is important if you want to be fully linked. Link Force Lapises in all your gears as well.

After your gears and weapons are all linked and fusions are done, all you need is the better gears. You can purchase them on Web Mall for EP or as stated before here, you can farm the better gears from the big bosses in Kanos, or the  mini bosses in VR/PR, or try to get them from the FB5 from the Golems in Kanos.

As you get your gears, you can use a Lapis Switch Scroll -
(Watch Video Instructions Here) (buy this from the Web Item Mall) and then go to the Professional Blacksmith to have him move your links, enchants AND OJ's to the clean piece/ Simply put the linked item in slot 1, the clean item in slot 2, and the Lapis Switch Scroll in slot 3, then click on "Create" and your clean piece will now have the lapises, enchants and OJ's the linked piece had, and the linked piece will now be clean.

You can farm Exile Point Coins 100 and 500 point, from Fortune bags 4 & 5. Also you can receive letters that spell
S H A I Y A and turn them in for 2000 Exile Points (EP) (Watch Video Instructions Here) When you get a complete set of S H A I Y A letters, go to any merchant, and sell one of each of the letters . After you sell one of each, wait a few minutes, and 2000 points will be added to your account on the Web Mall. You must log out and log into the website and go to Web Mall to see your EPs. 

Once you have enough points, you can buy the best accessories from the Web Mall. You will need: Silvanus Amulet II , My Precious Ring x2, and The Exile Loop x2 - (See Accessories Guide for more info). 
You can use the Lapis Switch Scroll to move your links and OJ's from the linked accessories to the new ones you bought from the Web Item Mall.