Short Bio

Currently, I am a MRes student in Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Before coming to London, I studied at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and the University of Pisa, not too far from the famous Leaning Tower. 

During my studies I had the opportunity to travel a lot. In 2011 I took part to an exchange program at the École Normale Supérieure de la rue d’Ulm. In 2010 I went to Brasil with my University colleagues, while the year before I spent one month at the Chongqing University.

Between March and June 2013 I was an intern at the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition at the Max Planck Institute for Human Behavior in Berlin, where I worked on a team researching decision making and social influence.

My main topics of interest are related to experimental and behavioral economics. For more on that see below.

Research Interests

Keywords: behavioral and experimental economics, group interaction, bounded rationality, risk taking behavior and intertemporal preferences.

My interests are primarily focused on two topics: decision-making under risk and uncertainty, both at the individual and the group level, and intertemporal choices. I have been collaborating to the design and implementation of laboratory experiments in those areas.

Recently I have been also studying frontier approaches in Economic History for the evaluation of people’s basic numerical capabilities.

For further information, refer to my CV or contact me.