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Accreditation is the process in which a Higher Education Institution strengthens and sustains the quality and integrity of its services. Accreditation is the means of self- regulation and peer review adopted by the educational community.
Middle States’ accreditation is an expression of confidence in an institution’s mission and goals, its performance, and its resources. Based upon the results of institutional review by peers and colleagues assigned by the Commission, accreditation attests to the judgment of the Commissions on Higher Education that an institution has met the standards.

In its last decennial visit the Middle States Commission on Higher Education stated, “It is clear that the University of Puerto Rico-Carolina progressively will become a four-year baccalaureate institution over the next several years,” and that statement has proven to be accurate. Academic offerings at the University of Puerto Rico at Carolina (UPRCA) have expanded and changed according to students’ needs; the faculty profile has improved, and the quantity and quality of support services have increased.

School of Hotel & Restaurant Management
Today we offer ten baccalaureate degree programs and six associate degree programs, several of which are not offered elsewhere in the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) System. Three programs have obtained professional accreditation, and additional programs are in the process of being accredited. There has been progress in the quality of university cultural, social, and athletic activities. Financial aid alternatives that guarantee student access to an affordable education have increased. We are proud that our attractive campus facilities and grounds foster an environment for learning and a relaxed atmosphere for our students to interact with the surrounding community in the metropolitan area.

The University of Puerto Rico System and UPRCA are committed to providing outstanding quality education and services for the future generations of professionals in Puerto Rico. We are proud of the faculty, students and staff who work diligently for the success of the Carolina campus and make it a premier institution of the System. This process of self-assessment has strengthened our University Community and given impetus for the development of the Self-Study which highlights our strengths and identifies the areas that represent opportunities for renewal.

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