exhibits of ecmanaut

You can, too!

Exhibit is a very powerful, flexible and easy to use data publication and visualization framework. You provide the data and optionally a few hints of view configurations that would be useful, and layouts, should you want to tailor the details more, and it does all the rest for you. Instant results!

David Huynh of the Simile project at MIT has written most of it, and I sort of toddle along, prodding at it, teaching it new tricks and generally pestering him about it.

This space is where I try to dump exhibits I make, for purposes such as keeping track of them myself, having material to test the bleeding edge Exhibit subversion development branch for backwards compatibility issues, listing show-off bragging material over what can be done with Exhibit on its own, or in concert with online data sources and web API:s, and for you, perhaps, to find nice examples to borrow code or layout from. Expect things to run a little slow much of the time from this site, perhaps a factor two to five slower than when running a stable release from bundled-up code, rather than from a subversion tree, fetching files one by one, as these babies typically do.

But overall, have fun and join in! It's easy. And very hackable indeed!

/ Johan Sundström