Welcome to ExHelferNet, the Schloß Elmau ex-Helfer(in) Network.

This is the third incarnation of the site (following exElmau): the new format should make it easier to keep it up to date, as it will no longer rely on one individual keeping track of everything. It should also be possible for any Helfer or Helferin to suggest and even implement changes to the site.

Wikipedia has some general information on Schloß Elmau itself (and of course the Schloß has its own website). This site is here for the sake of those who used to work there as Helfer or Helferinnen, to enable them to reminisce and maybe get back in touch with old friends.

For the time being, the site has been set up with pages for certain groups of years (and not all the data has been migrated across yet). We may eventually decide it actually works best to have a spreadsheet showing more accurately who was there at any time: a sample sheet with just 4 entries is here on the site.

Some other sites which may be of interest:

  • Many photos of Elmau in 1980-85 are now on Flickr, and anyone can add their own pictures there.
  • There are dozens of pictures on Marco Schipper's site too.
  • The Yahoo Group wavers between frenetic activity and months without a single message, but is a very good way to find old friends.
  • More recent Helfer/Helferin might also be interested in the Facebook group or the Dutch "Hyve".


Much of the various lists is based on the memories of the founder (Ben Jones), and his correspondence with others in the years since he was there. The site used to include email addresses, but these changed so often they've now been removed - with luck, those who are listed here will update their own details with links to their contact details. Those who have since married are shown with their maiden names. If you see someone here you'd like to contact, asking on the Yahoo Group is probably the best way. If you can supply some other names (or dates) currently missing, the best way is to 'apply for membership' (which means this site will be 'shared' with you and you can then edit it).

Recent Announcements

  • Adding information to the wiki You can only add information to this wiki (or amend existing information) if one of the owners "shares" it with you. To do that, contact them via the Join the ...
    Posted 12 Apr 2012, 15:38 by Ben Jones
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