Gina Mikan
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
Certified & Licensed Massage Therapist
Yoga Instructor Certified
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Gina completed the 1,000-hour Massage Therapy course and was certified by Masajes Terapeuticos RED in Mayaguez, PR and Puerto Rico Massage & Bodywork in San Juan, PR.  She has had continuting education in Lymphatic Drainage Therapy with the Chikly Health Institute and has been the sole proprietor of Exhale Healing Arts since 2006. 
Gina is Yoga Instructor Certified from S-VYASA Prashanti Kutirum Yoga University in Bangalore, India.
She is also a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist from the Wood Institute in Kissimee, FL.

Ann Wigmore Therapist
Since 2007 Gina feels blessed to be a part of the Living Foods Lifestyle
Chikly Health Institute
Gina deepens her study of Lymphatic Drainage through workshops with Dr. Chikly

Chair Massage @ Aloha Yoga
M,W,F following 7am class 
T&R following 9am class
Chair massages compliment 
the morning practice!

Puerto Rico Massage & Bodywork Institute
SVYASA Instructor
Yoga Instructor Certified
from Yoga University
in Bangalore, India
Aloha Yoga Instructor
Breathe, Bhakti and Balance
before Breakfast!

Community Yoga
Classes by donation
Aloha Yoga

Retreat Therapist
  Salsa & Yoga, Tibetan Yoga, Tantric Massage for Couples 

Women's Stand-Up Paddleboard
and Yoga retreat

Gina collaborates with Certified Hypnotherapist & master trainer in simultaneous therapies