Moscow in the morning

The Most Popular cinema of Moscow City - 'Pushkinsky'

Tverskaya Street - most expensive real estate in that area.

It`s still Tverskaya Street and Kremlin in the distance.

Near Red Square and Oxotniy Ryad metro Station, main Moscow`s hotel in the future.

Red Square in front of us, there are a lot of pasteboard dolls at the all the area, cause it`s Pancake week now.

Going into Moscow`s metro (just for 15rub ~ $0.5)

Walking underground, the oldest metro station, Red Square above.

Oxotniy Ryad Station inside the metro, next train will be during 2 minutes.

Inside the train, now we`re not underground.

A lot of snow in the usual area of the city.

Usual area of moscow

I hope you like my "one day of moscow" gallery, of cource you can post a One day of your city life and it would be very interesting to see. Hope you`ll make it. Thank you!
PS: Please sorry for my english, photos was made by mobile Nokia Smartphone.